lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Week 6

The next weeks will be essential for the development of my thesis project. After meeting with Bodie and Elizabeth last Thursday, I have decided (thank god) to ditch the idea of doing a classic documentary, as the project is now morphing into an interactive documentary slash art installation. The latter will allow me to create a non-linear narrative, which alleviates the tasks of researching, connecting the research, and ultimately writing a script.

I will soon be meeting with Kyle McClary (Chemistry PhD interested in psychedelic research) to discuss my research and hope he can offer some guidance as to which are the key aspects related to the topic. Moreover, Kyle can put me in contact with other students and professors related to the topic of interest. Also, I will be meeting Scott Fischer to tell him about my research goals and discuss about the possibility of including VR and/or AR in my final installation. I am hoping this meeting will help me focus and narrow down main ideas for the form in which I will be displaying my research.

While this is happening, I keep trying to gather more research and make sense of it, but I definitely want to have a clearer idea of what I will be doing so I can make better use of my time and move forward rather than sideways–or diagonally? Also, I need to figure out how to make a prototype that will help me progress, rather than just do it for the class.

I hope by next week I have had successful interactions that allow me to narrow down the project and focus more on getting content that can be used for the December exhibition, and hopefully, for the final exhibition.

Con mucho amor,